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Each class provides a challenge, leading you toward a more toned body and stronger mind.



Zip Sprint

(30 mins)

The Zip Sprint is a fast baseline speed meant to push you to burn more calories, work on your explosive VO2 max output, and push you to faster speeds. This high intensity training is for all levels as the baseline will accommodate for sprint speeds. See how quickly you can get through the different zip codes we take you through.

We Got Hills

(45 mins)

A challenging uphill workout. You’ll push yourself to new heights by maximizing your output, while taking in some of the most breathtaking mountaintop views from around the world. Speeds are lowered to allow for elevation change. This class is for all levels, and your baseline speed will be adjusted based on elevation. Come see how high you can get!

The Weekend Getaway

(45 mins)

A combination of distance and intervals, this class will show you how to become a runner. The class is designed to teach the basics and how to run for speed and distance. Tracking through the world, finding mountains and flat ground, The Weekend Getaway will truly allow you to get in a groove and discover your elements that make up your Runner’s High.

Elevate Your High

(45 mins)

This class is a combo of sprints, hills, and paced running. Focused on hitting all aspects of running to get you that full workout, Elevate Your High will bring you to a whole new level of enjoying yourself as you are pushed and motivated to be the best version of you. Come in and enjoy this run as we navigate the terrains of the world.

Distance Run

(60 mins)

The Distance Run is for more experienced runners. (Beginner runners are welcome, but you may want to try our other classes before jet setting on this run.) Once the trip begins, there is no turning back—this run features a combination of intervals and varying elevations. Come get settled in and enjoy the scenic views as we travel through the world and explore some of the most amazing runs.


(45 mins) 

This class takes place in our Strength classroom. Who can keep you from beating you? ONLY YOU!  This fast tempo blood pumping class will challenge you both mentally and physically. Step up to your individual station to endure several small circuits of strength exercises designed to shred and mold tight powerful glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. When you are at a standoff with the finish line at the end of the race, don’t you want to be digging & kicking with the BEST version of your mind and body?