How to stay healthy through Lolla

The biggest Chicago summer event is here! Lollapalooza has taken over Grant Park starting today. We know everyone has been counting down the months to see their favorite headliners, but we want to make sure you’re happy and healthy for the long haul. A few pieces of advice going into the 4 day festival:

This might seem like a no brainer, but let’s start with the basics. It’s hot, it’s humid, and you’re more than likely enjoying some adult beverages. Make sure to carry a refillable water bottle with you, or grab a bottle from a vendor in between each act. Your stomach and head will thank you the following morning.

Make sure to get a good solid base of healthy proteins, fats and vegetables in your system. Veggie omelets, avocado toast, protein hash or a basic two egg breakfast is perfect for the festival goer. (And, make sure to check out our favorite brunch event—The Hangover by Brunch x Burn this Sunday!)

Choose Lite
In the spirit of adult beverages, choose smart. Bud Light and Tito’s Handmade Vodka are both Lolla sponsors this year, which are probably your best bet. Stay away from high sugar juices mixed with Tito’s; rather, opt for soda water (with a fresh lemon, if you can find it!)

Get those ZZZ’s
Ok, you can chuckle at this one. But, we are serious. A 4 day festival can take it out of you, potentially leaving you sick or under the weather for the upcoming week (meaning lame or zero workouts). Try to turn in at a reasonable hour, fueling yourself for the next day so you can see all the acts on your list.

And if you can…
Get a quick 2-3 miles in. Sweating out toxins from the day before will help you feel refreshed and ready for the day of music and sun beating down on you. Plus, we think it’s pretty cool to see the city silent after a raging day of Lollapalooza.


Cheers to an awesome Lollapalooza! See you on the treads next week.