Pacer Profile

Cicely Green
Now and then we like to sit down with our staff to better understand what drew them to a life of fitness and what inspires them day in, day out. Today we’re sitting down with Cicely Green, one of our Pacers, who’s an avid runner, cyclist and Nike enthusiast.

1. When did you first become attached to fitness and running?

When I started running in 2018 to get in shape. I did not know then that I had discovered my calling. Moving to Chicago from Southern Illinois introduced me to a vibrant, diverse running community. This allowed me the privilege of running along a beautiful lake, finishing multiple world-renowned distance races, and connecting with others who share my passion for running. Running requires cross training so I have also found ways of staying in shape such as yoga, hiking, and cycling.

2. Who's your favorite type of person to coach?
The first time half marathoner/marathoner and yogis. Both activities require mindfulness and mental strength to succeed; and with a background in mental health, I believe it's important to supplement sports training with mental skills training. 

3. You've run the classes at Runner's High Studio–which one is your personal favorite so far?
The "We Got Hills" class because Chicago doesn't have hills! It's important and fun to change up the elevation and terrain to challenge your body and improve your training. I always look for new challenges and ways to get out of my comfort zone, and We Got Hills definitely does that for me. 

4. What's your one piece of advice that you'd give someone just starting out?
For a person who wants to begin their fitness journey, it is essential to find physical activity that you genuinely enjoy doing and to do that most days out of the week. The only way to gain a fit and healthy lifestyle is to enjoy whatever makes you sweat.