Pacer Profile

Quan Bailey

Now and then we like to sit down with our staff to better understand what drew them to a life of fitness and what inspires them day in, day out. Today we’re sitting down with Quan Bailey, one of our Pacers, who’s an avid runner (you’ve probably seen him around town).


You’re huge into fitness and running—How did you get started? What was that first motivation?

I got into fitness after I left Carthage College. I knew I wanted to help people, but I didn't know how. The only thing I knew was I didn't want to to pursue my major (which was finance). At that time, I was working out at a big box gym and I asked one of the trainers for advice on how to get into the field. Admittedly, I was heavily inspired by my coaches and the biggest loser! After speaking with the trainer, I sat down with the fitness manager to understand the certifications and whatnot. I’ve been in love with training ever since!


Nutrition clearly plays a bit part in your life as well—When you’re not “being good,” what’s your favorite cheat meal?

My favorite on the go cheat meal would have to be Halal Guys on Division and Dearborn. I get a gyro platter with rice, pita bread, extra jalapeños and their signature white sauce—so amazing!


Tell us about being involved with Imerman Angels. (Such a great cause!)

My involvement with Imerman Angels has been unbelievable. I’ve been with them since February 2016. I originally signed up to do the 2016 Chicago Marathon (which I did), but shortly before the Marathon I volunteered at the annual Wings of hope Gala and that’s when I truly fell in love with the message: No one faces cancer alone. Personally, with my mom being a breast cancer survivor, it was a no brainer in joining Imerman Angels. Since joining, I have since signed up to fundraise $5,000 and complete 3 additional marathons this year (2017 Chicago Marathon, 2017 NYC Marathon and 2017 Athens Marathon in Greece).


If you could give people one piece of advice on getting started, what would that be?

My advice for anyone getting started would be just get moving. Also, don’t be afraid or intimidated by anyone at the gym or in class. We all started somewhere.


What’s the thing you’re looking most forward to in Runner’s High Studio opening?

With Runners High, I’m most excited to impacted the lives of more people through my passion—and that’s training and running. It’s also inspiring to be a part of something hasn’t been done before. I think this will be an amazing new way for people to come together.