Pacer Profile


Now and then we like to sit down with our staff to better understand what drew them to a life of fitness and what inspires them day in, day out. Today we’re sitting down with Sophie Rambaud, one of our Pacers, who’s been running and coaching most of her life.


When did you first start considering yourself a “runner”? When do you remember falling in love with the sport?

I started to consider myself a runner after attending a running camp in high school where they discussed that running is a lifestyle. This clicked with me and I felt inspired to continue running as part of a healthy and fun lifestyle.  I remember really falling in love with the sport my junior year of high school, at St. Ignatius CP, when I became really competitive with the seniors in the 800m.  This is when I knew I wanted to run in college.


You’re a track coach at Lincoln Park High School, what’s your favorite part of coaching?

My favorite part about coaching at Lincoln Park HS is seeing my athletes reach their goals and PR.  It is so rewarding to watch them learn about the sport and what they're capable of achieving after putting in hard work.


What do you encounter as people’s biggest fear in getting started? How do you help them overcome that fear?

People have the fear starting because they feel like they will "fail." Failure is impossible with running.  No matter your run speed, you are moving closer to your goals.  I also try to support people and tell them with each day you run, you will get better.  


Nutrition is a big part of your life, too. Tell us about some of your favorite pre- and post-workout meals/snacks that you prefer.

My favorite pre- run meal depends how early I may be running.  It can range from a handful of granola and a square of dark chocolate to a slice of bread with peanut butter with some dark chocolate chips and banana on top! I always have some dark chocolate before my runs as an excuse it will give me extra energy.  Post - run I will have a Perfect Food Bar or a big breakfast with protein pancakes and eggs, it depends what time of day it is, if I'm on the run I'll grab some protein powder.


What class are you most looking forward to at Runner’s High?

The class I am most looking forward to would have to be Zip Sprints because running fast is super fun!  I was a 400 and 800m runner in college after all. I also think intervals are horribly fun.  They always make you faster, kick your butt and make you go to bed in a better mood.  I am also looking forward to some outdoor running with the runners!