Our top picks: running shorts

Today's the official first day of summer! In the spirit of warmer, longer days, we've tested countless pairs of running shorts. These are our top picks to get you through the warm months:


1. She Beest Magnolia Compilation Active Short. (Women's) This is not your typical compression short or spandex. The fabric is breathable and has a light grip on the leg to keep everything in place. Extreme comfort with this short. 

2. New Balance Impact 5" Short. (Men's) This is a staple. The fabric is like air, the band is comfortable, and quality to last. 

3. Nike Flex Short 7" Distance Short. (Men's) For those of you that like a little longer length, this Nike short is our favorite. Inside compression, breathable fabric and Dri-Fit make it another "must". 

4. lululemon Running Short. (Women's) The band on these shorts is what really sells this short. The band stays in place on those long runs, has a convenient zip pocket, and gives the feeling of almost wearing a yoga pant. 

5. Oiselle Summer Roga Short. (Women's) The first thing that will capture your attention is the fabric of these shorts feeling like silk. They hit all the marks for a long distance run and are great for wicking sweat away.

6. Nike 5" Rival Short. (Women's) This is another staple and easy go-to short. Plus, they come in some pretty great colors for summer!