Eat good, feed good on vacation

Tips from Runner’s High nutritionist, Kiah Ehrke

Summertime = weekends away, vacations, etc. Use these simple tips to stay on track on vacation and feel energized.


Pack a water bottle. Staying hydrated throughout the trip helps curb your appetite and keep your energy levels up. Carry a water bottle with you—whether that's in a car, airplane, by the pool, on a hike—to make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in oz. per day. For example, a 150 lb. person should have at least 75 oz./day.


Pack snacks. No one likes a hangry person. Stay between a 3 and 7 on the hunger scale (0 is starving and 10 is thanksgiving full where you don’t feel well). How do you do this? Eat every 3-4 hours by having snacks. Easy travel snacks include: nuts (individually portion them out in 1/4 cup portions if you have trouble with portion control), fruit, greek yogurt, energy bar (some of my faves: RX bar, Kind bar, Perfect food bar).


Strategically Indulge. If you know the entire weekend/vacation is going to be eating out, be a little picky on what you're choosing to order. Just because a restaurant serves burgers doesn't mean you have to get one if a grilled salmon salad sounds better. Pick and choose what foods you truly want to eat.


Go halfsies. Don't be afraid to split an entree, appetizer, dessert, etc. with someone. This can be a great strategy while dining out since most restaurant portions are at least double of a typical serving size.


Eat your food off a plate. Gatherings where there is food sitting out buffet style can make it very tempting to mindlessly graze. Instead, put the food on a plate each time – this increases mindfulness, helps you be more aware of what you’re eating and increases satiety.


Build your meals based on vegetables. Vegetables contain fiber, which keeps us full for a longer amount of time. Aim to include 1 cup of vegetables for at least 2 meals each day. This will keep you fuller longer and give you more energy, WIN WIN.