Dads who run

In spirit of Father's Day, we caught up with some "Dad Runners"

Father’s Day. Dads, grandfathers, father figures, male mentors — today is for you. All of us at Runner’s High are taking time today to stop and think about the positive male figures in our lives. So, we decided to talk to a few “Dad Runners” to understand: “Why do you run?”


“These days, I mainly run to fight the battle of the dad bod. But also for mental clarity - I get most of my best thinking done on morning runs.” - Evan Thompson, father to 10 month baby boy


“It is good to know that there is something as pure as running and competing that can cleanse your soul and make your life so whole and complete! This photo is from a long time ago when I used to run to work in Wisconsin, through the frozen tundra—I am above the weather" - Thomas Jensen, grandpa of two


“I started running at 47 and lasted less than ten minutes—I was out of breath, my side hurt and it gave me a headache. Now I’ve run 12 marathons including NYC (2013), Boston (2015 & 2016), Chicago (2016), Seattle (7 times) and Portland. I’ve always been a creature of habit, and now I run because it brings me so much happiness in that cycle.” - Cliff Harden, father to two


“Running is part of my daily workout—It’s  incredibly motivating and allows me to think and plan my day, my week, activities for my kids.” - Todd Toborg, father of four


“I enjoy running because running keeps me sane, mentally and physically. And our dog Jeter, enjoys it as much as I do!” - Oscar Ibarra, father of two 


(*Photos are in order, left to right, top to bottom.)