Skipped too many runs as of late?

Get back on track with these tips

We’ve all been there. You were on a good stride with your workouts and scheduled runs, then. Bam! Something throws you off and suddenly you’ve missed a few days, weeks or...months!

It’s hard to get back into a routine and sometimes getting started again is the hardest part. We’ve put together a few helpful hints to get back at it:

Find your motivation. 

Having a “north star”—something that drives you—is crucial to get you back at it. Is it that you want to look better and feel better? Do you want to get off a certain medication? Want to be there for your kids? Set an example? This motivation will serve as a constant reminder and key driver to get you back into your groove. Remind yourself daily.


Set achievable goals. Setting small, but challenging, goals will make the of each mini-milestone that much greater. If you’re trying to drop some weight, don’t start with a huge number—instead, say “2 pounds this week.” If you’re trying to get that new distance under your belt—run for 5 more minutes than you anticipated. Make sure to give yourself a high five each time.


Mix in strength exercises. It’s easy for runners to concentrate solely on the distance or time, but strong muscles will help carry you further. Strength training—specifically glutes and abs—can help you tolerate a higher volume of running. In fact, if you’re starting to run for the first time again, take some breaks mid-run for some glute and ab work.


Know how far to push yourself. This goes hand in hand with goal setting. You’ve been off your game, so pushing it too hard, too soon will just set you back further. If you’ve been off:

1 week or less → pick up right where you left off

10 days → run 70% of your previous mileage

15 days → run 60% of your previous mileage

30 days to 3 months → run 50% of your previous mileage

More than 3 months → start from scratch


Make it fun! Find different trails, make a new playlist, explore new terrain, invite friends with you, heck - call it a date!