20 day countdown to summer

Small but effective things you can do before June 20th

Let’s face it. Winter lasted slightly longer than we all expected, and now summer is here knocking at our door. It’s gone from 30 degrees to 90, and we may or may not be ready to put on those bikinis and boardshorts.


The good news: there are plenty of small but impactful things we can do before the first day of Summer arrives.


1. Eat whole foods. Cut down on processed and packaged foods. This should also be an easy way to eat local. Pick up those veggies and grass fed meats from a local farmer's market (and maybe even grab a bouquet of wild flowers to brighten up your apartment, too!)


2. Work in additional cardio. If you typically do two days of cardio, three days of strength—crank up the cardio workouts. Go for one additional run or bike per week to help flush out your system and burn extra calories.


3. Hydrate. As it heats up outside your body will crave more water. Find ways to make h2o more enjoyable by  adding lemon, cucumbers, or your favorite fruit! Extra credit if you carry it with you wherever you go.


4. Pace yourself. It’s easy to rock out on rooftop patios as soon as it hits 70 degrees! Just make sure you don't burn yourself out on too many margarita pitchers and bottomless mimosas on Sundays.


5. Get outside. If you typically rely on  public transportation, switch in a bike ride or long walk.. If you have a “desk job,” incorporate outdoor walking meetings into your schedule.