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Runner's High Studio Challenges Runners of All Levels

FOX 32's Brittney Payton heads over to Runner's High Studio in the Gold Coast neighborhood to hit the treadmill and check out the future of indoor running.

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No matter the distance, you need to treat your body right. Fueling appropriately is key to performance–both on the treadmill and off.

Before Class:

Try to eat something 60-90 minutes before your run. Your body needs high-octane fuel before a run (in other words: high-carb, low-fat, low-fiber meals or snacks). Examples include: 1 cup low-fiber cereal and skim milk, banana, peanut butter on crackers, fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese.

After Class:

It’s essential to replenish your muscles with the necessary nutrients and fluids lost during your run. The goal is to replace fluids, carbohydrates and proteins in order to speed up recovery time and be ready for the next workout. Drink water or a sports drink immediately following your run. Lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, salmon or quinoa are great. Make sure to mix in carbohydrates and vegetables.

We all run for different reasons. Some run to reflect. To change. To evolve. To deal. To forget the day. To embrace the next. To move forward. To quiet the voices. To prove ourselves to ourselves. To listen to just one more track. To go further and farther than we did yesterday. To meditate. To feel the earth push back. To watch the sun switch shifts with the moon. To feel the wind scream in our face. To scream right back. To calm our inner hulk. To break our own barriers. To finally kick that can. To just miss catching the train. To reach the love of our life in the most cliche way possible right before they get on that plane. To follow Forrest. To go streaking. To catch Lola. To outrun Apollo. To prepare for a zombie apocalypse. To feel for even a moment what it’s like to be the Man of Steel. To get home before our mom and sister discover why we really took the day off. To transcend. To connect with ourselves. To find our special purpose. To face life with some freakin’ grit. To commit to more than just a one month relationship. To feel free not to care what the hell you think. To inspire others to find their own path. To something. To flow. To get high.

What’s your reason?